Our Guild is organized using a number of ranks with clearly defined roles within our guild. Each rank listed below serves a specific role within the guild and those who fill those roles do so for the betterment of the guild.


New Guild members undergo a trial period lasting 30 days during which their performance, interaction with Guild members, and participation within the community are evaluated. This trial ensures that players that join Kindred Spirits on a permanent basis are great fit for the Guild both socially and from a game play perspective.


Kindred Spirits Knights form the foundation of the Guild, giving us a strong community platform. Knights are expected to maintain reliable attendance of guild events, assist fellow guild-members to achieve their in-game goals, and participate in guild initiatives.

Knight Crusader

Knights Crusaders are responsible for recruiting new players both in game and on a game's forums, seeking out new members to join Kindred Spirits as Squires.

Knight Templar

Knights Templar are like "Big Brother/Big Sisters" for KS. Their role in leadership is to take an active role in meeting and grouping with Squires, showing them the KS way, and providing first hand experience back to the leadership council about their experiences with those Squires with whom they grouped.

Knight Errants

Knights Errant are the work horses of the guild. They help organize and run group play throughout the guild and deal with the massive amount of administrative paperwork that goes into running a Kindred Spirits.

Dungeon Master

Dungeon Masters are your guide for all things roleplaying, whether it be Palladium, Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons. The role of the DM is to bring a little imagination to their campaigns for all players(including the DM) to have fun adventuring together.


Marshals help keep the forums themselves in check. Some tasks include gathering important info and making them 'stick' to the top of a sub forum, helping with processing applications when it's busy, and editing or even removing threads that are in violation of our rules. Marshals enforce the rules of the guild.


This rank is considered the Second in Command. They support the GM in running the Kinship. Regulation of Guild problems and participation in Guild activities is a requirement. Continuation of Guild utilities, resource upgrades, promotion of events, and quality recruitment are prime focuses.

Grand Master

The GM focuses on the big picture and long game with regards to the guild. Dictates guild policy. Oversees and handles personnel. Works with other aspects of the guild not exclusively related to raiding. Manages to be the public figurehead or face of the guild. Sets the standard of conduct among members. The final authority on all that which is KS. The GM is the moderator of last resort.

Guild Policy

Forum and Character Naming

We hold a high standard for the names we give ourselves and our characters we play. For both forum and in-game character names/handles, none of the following types of names are permitted in any language:

  • Sexist
  • Sexually suggestive
  • Racist
  • Crude
  • Offensive
  • Politically charged or motivated
  • Socially deplorable
  • Names cleverly concealing a violation of the above
  • Letter jumbles
  • Names otherwise unpronounceable by the human tongue
  • Iffy (Avoiding "iffy" names means "err on the side of caution")

Clever, witty, or humorous names may be permissible, at the discretion of leadership, but poor naming choices will be critiqued, and requested removed. Kindred Spirits members must also follow any additional rules about naming included in the game's EULA, or on a per-server basis.

Member Removals

It is inevitable that someone reading this will be removed from the Guild. It does not happen too often, but it is usually very clear why it was done. We don't coach people back or try to find some middle ground for these folks. There is also no hand-holding discussion as we wish you well elsewhere. As we say, the Guild is the way it is, and it does not bend to suit you. It is your responsibility to conform to approved behaviors. The people getting tossed are usually going for broke in upsetting people, and it should come as no surprise when we respond by removing forum access and removing characters, warning or no.

If you are removed from the in-game Guild or from the forums and have no idea why, check to make sure you just weren't inactive first. Buttons get mis-clicked too, so if you really thought everything was copacetic, please do bring it up to an officer. Politely please, or we may consider the removal a happy accident.

Although it is rare, Members and officers can and will be banned for breaking Guild rules. We do not make these decisions lightly, but we will always act to protect the Guild and for the greater good of our members. Bans may be temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the infraction.


Proper communication saves everyone headaches and heartaches. Clearly communicate group goals and methods as a leader when starting a group and when new members join. Clearly communicate information that may be valuable to others in your group as it arises. Clearly communicate any needs for a break or explanations when you are unclear on an objective or how to accomplish something.

Kindred Spirits does not require that members make use of any third party tools for communication. We may suggest the use of such, but it is up to individual preference. Please note though, while we try to accommodate as best we can, there may be particular instances in games (such as in a high-end raid) where voice chat is the de-facto method of communication.


Yes, English is the official language of our Guild, no getting around it. We do our best to understand folks whose first language is not English, but there are limits. If a member cannot take directions in party and is unfortunately making a bad name for our Guild in doing so, we will need to part ways.

Guild Growth

Some people do like the feeling of knowing everyone in a smaller Guild. A Guild with a dozen people though takes a lot of dedication from those dozen people to maintain. We just are not that Guild. We have many casual players, and our "real life first" mentality precludes scheduling and fully committing to all of our runs. Remember though that everyone you see has been vetted in some way and should be just the type of person you want to game with. And remember, a growing Guild is a healthy Guild.

Also, and maybe more importantly, there are like-minded people out there unaware of our Guild. It is up to us to let them know about us and bring them into the fold.

Guild Roster

Characters and accounts are to be posted on our roster before they're invited to the in-game Guild (if applicable). The roster should also be updated when characters are removed from the Guild.

Room for Several Playstyles

First, that says "several" and not "all". There are playstyles we as a Guild do not appreciate. Running off to solo a dungeon in group and leaving your party in the dust for one (actually soloing a dungeon by yourself is fine; go for it!). Purposefully hindering others or continuing to play "jokes" that amuse only yourself is another behavior we do not approve of. Overall, how one plays in a group should mesh with how our Guild conducts itself in the spirit of cooperation and maturity.

What we do have room for is "casual" and "hardcore" players. Like those terms or not, you know what we are getting at. Someone who spends a few hours a week in game is just as welcome as someone who spends twelve hours a day. Roleplayers and permadeath players too have a place here. As long as someone is Kindred Spirit material, they are welcome to play as they like and should not be looked down on for how they enjoy the game.


If loot has your name on it, it is yours. Don't rush in and snag other people's loot if your game has free-for-all looting. That's rude, and won't incline people to group with you in the future. Use instanced loot or a round robin method if applicable to simply avoid any potential loot confusion and hard feelings. If running a quest or raid for a particular piece of gear, it is a good idea to announce it up front. There is no overall Guild requirement to share loot, but it is considered good form to reward members of your party for their assistance with loot you are unable to use yourself.

On the Giving and Taking of Advice

Please share your knowledge with others, and please take advice in the spirit it is given. You don't need to follow the advice, but you can expect to get it again from others, and you should be prepared for rougher treatment by the general population if you are going against established knowledge. If you are new to the game, we'll try to help. Also, please check our forums because we may have lots of great information and links to more. If not, you could help fill in the gaps.

Be the Change You Want to See

This perfectly describes the attitude you'll want to bring to Kindred Spirit. Simply whining that something isn't happening in the Guild, or you aren't being provided with the experience you want will fall on deaf ears, and worse, cast you in a bad light. We are not here to entertain you or to provide services to you. You'll see that our members already give freely of their items, knowledge, and time. "What else have you done for me lately?" will not be taken kindly. As stated several places elsewhere, we only try to guarantee a safe and friendly environment. The rest is up to you.

So, instead of just complaining, look to see how you can make what you want possible. If it's a quest no one seems to be running, put together the group yourself. No one knows the answer to a question? Do some research and put together a guide. Want more guild members on during your playtimes? Go out and find good people to recruit. Encourage other people to join your endeavor--invective and accusations that no one is doing what you want will help you find the door quicker but will do nothing for your cause. Going out and making something happen though will reflect very well on you and encourage others by example. Even as a Recruit, you have the freedom to take the lead to make things happen.

Guild Rules

  • Use appropriate language. No off-color/sexist jokes. No screeds against religions, wishing death or ill fortune on anyone allowed. Racism and discrimination not tolerated. There are outlets for "adult" talk you can make use of; this is not one of them. We are all adults here and from time to time members may utter a curse word but non stop swearing rants will not be tolerated.
  • No cheating. Do not use editing tools, hacks, botting programs, or any other third-party program that gives an unfair advantage. Do not exploit bugs to give yourself an advantage that was not intended by developers. Follow all policies spelled out by game developers or publishers of what is or isn't considered cheating within their particular game.
  • All Guild members, regardless of rank, are to be treated with respect.
  • Use of these forums is mandatory. We expect you to read the important postings here and to interact and contribute to the community.
  • Any Guild member has the right to ask for identification, ie: your forum name, and rank within the guild.
  • Conduct yourself in-game and on related game forums in a manner that reflects well upon Kindred Spirits. Observe general societal niceties of your game. For example, it is often considered bad form to spam LFG in channels meant for other purposes. Non-members of the Guild are to be treated with courtesy. Please note, this does not mean turn the other cheek. Polite and friendly are not the same thing.
  • If a discussion is getting heated, cool it. Agree to disagree, take a break, move the discussion to a private venue. We can be friends and disagree on most anything. Even if you enjoy a spirited discussion, be socially aware and recognize that you may be making other people uncomfortable.
  • Do not beg for items or assistance. Asking for help is not begging; guilt-tripping, or harping endlessly until someone does what you want to simply shut you up is not the same as asking for help. Remember: respect and maturity.
  • No joining of a group with an existing goal and demand they change their method or goal. The leader/owner of the group determines the goal and playstyle. If not agreeable to you, start your own group.
  • Concerns or complaints about Kindred Spirits, or our members should be handled discreetly. We actively discourage and shut down drama of any type. Any forum posts of this nature will be deleted without warning. Please contact someone in leadership privately (in-game tell, forum PM) if a problem arises regarding the Guild, other members, etc.
  • Keep in mind that our officers are human. If need be, escalate a concern through the chain of command. Politely. The Guild Master has final say on any matter.
  • Apologies are expected after the breaking of any rules, and after generally poor behavior. Defensiveness, shifting blame, false apologies (i.e. "I'm sorry YOU feel I was rude") are seen as disrespecting the rules and can be grounds for immediate expulsion. A simple "I'm sorry" is all that is needed. A rational discussion as to what led to the problem is fine and welcome. Note that an apology is not enough for repeated offenses.
  • To reiterate the point at the top: No Exploiting Guild Rules to Justify Bad Behavior. We make every effort to have a set of clear guidelines to follow such that all Guild members have a pleasant environment in which to play. We frown on attempts to bend the rules or attempts to use the literal meaning of the rules to excuse otherwise unacceptable behavior. As such, you are expected to follow the spirit of these rules, which is "Treat others as you would expect to be treated, were you to be treated with respect".