The Council of Kindred Spirits is made up of all the officers of the guild, tasked with ensuring the peace and prosperity of the guild. The Round Table at which they meet was created to have no head or foot, representing the equality of all the council members.
2094536 Grand Master The GM focuses on the big picture and long game with regards to the guild. Dictates guild policy. Oversees and handles personnel. Works with other aspects of the guild not exclusively related to raiding. Manages to be the public figurehead or face of the guild. Sets the standard of conduct among members. The final authority on all that which is KS. The GM is the moderator of last resort. 2094530 Master This Master is considered the Second in Command. They support the GM in running the guild. Regulation of guild problems and participation in guild activities is a requirement. Continuation of guild utilities, resource upgrades, promotion of events, and quality recruitment are prime focuses. 2094532 Marshal Marshals help keep the forums themselves in check. Some tasks include gathering important info and making them 'stick' to the top of a sub forum, helping with processing applications when it's busy, and editing or even removing threads that are in violation of our rules. Marshals enforce the rules of the guild. 2163888 Dungeon Master The Dungeon Master is your guide for all things roleplaying, whether it be Palladium, Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons. The role of the DM is to bring a little imagination to their campaigns for all players(including the DM) to have fun adventuring together. 2094531 Knight Errant Knights Errant are the workhorses of the guild. They help organize and run group play throughout the games and help deal with the administrative paperwork that goes into running Kindred Spirits. 2094533 Knight Templar Knights Templar are like "Big Brother/Big Sisters" for KS. Their role in leadership is to take an active role in meeting and grouping with Squires, showing them the KS way, and providing first hand experience back to the Council about their experiences with those Squires with whom they grouped. 2163872 Knight Crusader Knight Crusaders are responsible for recruiting new players both in-game and on a game's forums, seeking out new members to join Kindred Spirits as Squires.