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Jean "Druidsfire" Prior wrote up an interview she had with Executive Producer Rob ‘Severlin’ Ciccolini at GenCon last week! Click here to read about it.

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GenCon 2018 Interview with LotRO’s Executive Producer Rob ‘Severlin’ Ciccolini

Standing Stone Games hosted an official player meetup this past weekend at GenCon in Indianapolis and the place was pretty full. Present from SSG were Executive Producer Rob ‘Severlin’ Ciccolini, Jerry ‘Cordovan’ Snook, and Amanda ‘Tolero’ Grow.

He reiterated some previously-known information that the Grey Mountains update coming later this year will include a level cap increase, will be more instance-heavy than previous updates, and will include dragons. He got very animated when discussing them, saying they were really cool-looking. He added that Minas Morgul is going to be the next big thing. We speculate that since Minas Morgul is due next year and it will be almost two years since the release of Mordor, it might be a full-on expansion. When a player asked about Harad, he replied, “Eventually,” making it the first time someone from SSG properly acknowledged it was in the works versus something along the lines of ‘we’d like to go there’. The room gave a collective, “ooooh!” when he answered another player question and confirmed that they would also eventually do a Scouring of the Shire, which we already knew.

Executive Producer Interview

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Community Spotlights

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Stolen Sweet's In Frostbluff

Rev ao posted Jul 31, 18

   A new quest has arrived in Frostbluff called Stolen Sweets! Visit snowy locations throughout Middle-earth to recover stolen treats for the poor children of Winter-home, and earn the rewards of a white Yule Rabbit and the title "Bringer of Sweets"! The quest is bestowed by the Frostbluff Stable-master. This new quest can be completed once during the run of the Vacation on Frostbluff event, and does not require visiting regions above level 50.
Additionally, the other activities available during the Yuletide Festival are now available! Vacation in Frostbluff begins at 10:00 AM Eastern on July 31st, and runs through August 7th!

Happy Anniversary

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  Thank You for being a part of our communitie's success over the years.  We greatly appreciate and value your contributions and success.  Happy 1 year Lord Of The Rings anniversary. 

Angel a Thanks for joining us as we celebrated our first year!