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Lotro Beacon 84

By Rev aGrand Mastero - Posted Nov 3, 18

Community Spotlights

The Blue Silmarils (i.e.Andune) will be performing a special themed concert for the November 10th OAKS on Laurelin! Click here for more event information.

TheZojak is a returning player with a brand new LOTRO stream! You can click here to check out his twitch channel.

A few players have started a discord channel for the upcoming Legendary Server! You can click here to join the conversation.

Click here to watch The Department of Harmony & Song perform their annual Halloween Concert on October 28th, 2018!

Saturday, November 3, Polnolunie will be performing a new concert dedicated to Halloween on Laurelin! You can learn more about the event by clicking here.

Fansite News

Click here to listen to LOTRO Players News Episode 277: Deadly Photobomber!

Click here to watch Raelunil explore Wistmead!

Click here to watch The Road Goes Ever On with Gravidy!

Click here to watch Adventures After Dark with Big Ed Mustafa!

Click here to watch Andang in Return of the Taurogrim legacy of the necromancer part 10!

Click here to watch  Epic Shenaniganery with TesslaDaPanda!

Click here to watch Mythgard in Middle-earth with guest hostess Druidsfire!

Click here to watch Ooger's Epic Adventure's in The Grey Mountains on Landroval!


In the News!

  • Click here to watch the Legendary Server Q&A with Cordovan, Red Panda and Tyber!

Let's Talk Shop!

  • Go There, And Back Again! Get 20% off now through November 8th!
    • Milestone Skills
    • Hurried Traveller + Returning Traveller
    • Advanced Riding Traits
    • Rally Horns
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you +5 Hope Boost (90 minutes) x5 with coupon HOPEBOOST now through November 8th!