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Lotro Beacon 87

By Rev aGrand Master - Posted Nov 21, 18

Let's Talk Shop!

  • Get Double Bonus Points in the LOTRO Store now through November 26th!
  • Mordor will be 50% in the LOTRO Market now thorugh November 26th! Click here to visit the market.
  • LOTRO Bonus days brings you a 25% Crafting Boost!
  • Save big with special Black Friday deals now through November 26th!
    • 35% off the High Elf Race
    • 50% Crafting XP  
    • 75% off Mines of Moria Expansion
  • Get Limited time items in the LOTRO store now through November 26th!
    • Keepsakes of the Grey Mountains Bundle
    • Weapons of the Depths
    • Bombur's Bounty
      • 400 Mithril Coins
      • 10 Slayer Deeds
      • 10 Reputation Boosts
    • Black Steel Key x10 Bundle
  • Make Your Piece of Middle-earth Shine! Get 30% off now through November 29th!
    • Select Housing Decorations
    • Select Housing Sets
    • Housing Property Writs
    • Select Cloaks
  • The Weekly Coupon gets you +10% Run Speed Boost x5 (90 min) x1 with coupon RUNFASTER now through November 29th!

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